Scottish Independence campaigners open Yes shop in Kirkcaldy

The new Yes hub  gets a visit from the indy walkers.The new Yes hub  gets a visit from the indy walkers.
The new Yes hub gets a visit from the indy walkers.
Kirkcaldy's new Yes hub has opened up in the town centre, as the drive for Scottish Independence comes into focus across the country.

Launching last week on Hunter Street, the shop has already played host to a visit from a group which is walking 500 miles across Scotland on Friday.

Staffed by volunteers, the new hub comes after an online fundraising campaign quickly reached its target earlier this year.

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Campaign members Roy Mackie and Colin Fraser said the shop will provide a focal point for those who either support independence or have questions about the movement.

Roy, who attended the weekend’s independence rally in Edinburgh, said the hub aims to help continue the positive atmosphere experienced at larger events.

“When people go to events like that and experience it, you want to hold on to that and you’re looking for places to keep that going.”

Colin Fraser agreed: “The march was really special. Wherever there’s negativity you find that the way independence supporters meet that is with humour.

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“The good nature, the camraderie, the humour, it was just incredible.

“That was indicative of everybody who was there.”

Roy added that the new shop shows the campaign is already thinking ahead.

He said: “This place is also in in preparation for when something happens.

“We want to be here, ready to campaign for whatever happens – it could be a referendum or could be a general election.

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“It’s a meeting place, it’s a place for like-minded people to come and be motivated but it has to be more than that.

“It’s also for people who might be a soft ‘no’ or ‘undecided’ to maybe come in.

“We want people to come in and talk to us whether they’re a Yes, No, or a maybe. We need to engage with people.

“It can be difficult to get people to change when they might be bombarded with negativity from a lot of media outlets.

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“We’re here to hopefully take a little bit of the fear out of it for people.”

Colin added: “Some politicians have said there is not apetite for independence.

“But the reaction that we’ve got in setting up funding for this place has been incredible.

“You can’t tell me there’s no appetite for it.”

The Kirkcaldy Yes campaign is holding a meeting tonight at the St clair Tavern on St Clair Street, at 7pm.