Scottish Independence: Yes Kirkcaldy look to open new hub

The Yes campaign is already preparing for another referendum.
The Yes campaign is already preparing for another referendum.

An appeal has been launched to help open a hub for Kirkcaldy’s Scottish independence movement, as campaigners prepare for a possible second referendum.

Yes Kirkcaldy is planning on opening a hub in the town centre, to become a one-stop shop for all things independence.

A GoFundMe page was launched earlier this week, aiming to raise funds to cover rent and electricity.

The group has already identified preferred premises but no deal has been finalised yet.

The hub, which will be manned by volunteers, will need around £600 per month to operate, and already has pledges up to around half way.

Colin Fraser, of Yes Kirkcaldy, said that with many people feeling that another independence referendum could be imminent, the group wants to be prepared.

“The final deal isn’t done, but it’s looking pretty sure. We’ve looked at several locations which are still open to us.

“We’re looking for ongoing donations and one-off donations from Yes supporters. We’re not quite there yet but we’ve had an excellent response.

“What we’re looking for is for people to give small donations, from now until the end of the next independence campaign.

“We’ve had a great response. We’ve got more or less half the money from standing orders, and then we’ve started the GoFundMe campaign, which is upto to £280 already just from people sharing it on social media.

“We’re fairly confident that we can reach our target.”

So when does Colin feel the next independence campaign might begin?

“We’re kind of already in it right now.

“The comments we’ve seen from prominent campaigners and MSPs are that the next campaign will be short, and I believe that to be true.

“So we have to have our ducks in a row and we have to be organised.

“Although we’re not officially in a campaign, I think we are definitely on a campaign footing.

“The last time round, we had the luxury of starting slowly in 2012 and building up. I think we won’t have that luxury next time.

“When everything falls into place, depending on what happens with Brexit and the EU, or if there’s a General Election called – anything could happen, and we’re probably looking at a short campaign.

“We have to be ready.”

The GoFundMe page can be found at