Tories “excluded” in Fife power share talks

Councillor Dave Dempsey, leader Scottish Conservatives in Fife
Councillor Dave Dempsey, leader Scottish Conservatives in Fife

The Conservative leader in Fife claims SNP and Labour deliberately froze the party from ‘inclusive’ talks to form a power-sharing agreement in Fife Council.

Cllr Dave Dempsey released emails, from earlier this week, in which leader Cllr David Ross stated Labour would only work with parties who had signed up with an anti-austerity agenda.

According to Cllr Dempsey, when asked what his definition of anti-austerity was, Cllr Ross replied “I know it when I see it.”

The Conservatives returned 15 councillors in the recent local election - the party previously had just three – but a power-sharing deal to run Fife Council was formalised between the SNP and Labour yesterday (Thursday).

Cllr Dempsey commented: “It seemed odd at the time but, in light of events in Aberdeen, it now makes sense.

“Cllr Ross couldn’t talk to us because his superiors wouldn’t let him. So instead he’s in bed with Cllr Alexander, the recipient of some of his most trenchant criticism over the last few years.

“Necessity makes strange bedfellows. At least Cllr Alexander can give as good as he gets.”

“It is going to fascinating watching this go forward. The Conservative Group will watch and engage positively inasmuch as we’re allowed to.”

He added: “The Power-Sharing document makes much of being inclusive yet it’s clear that it was put together for the express purpose of excluding the Scottish Conservatives following our spectacularly good results on May 4th.

“That’s not good but much worse is the message it’s sends to the thousands and thousands who voted Conservative that day, many for the first time.

“It tells them that, in the eyes of both Labour and the SNP, their opinion doesn’t count. That’s no surprise from the SNP, fixated as they are on destroying the UK.

“Perhaps it’s no surprise from Labour either, as they desperately look to avoid political oblivion.”