Trust chief urged to face Fife councillors over leisure centre changes

The changes affect the leisure centres in Cupar and St Andrews.
The changes affect the leisure centres in Cupar and St Andrews.

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust chiefs have been urged to face questioning from councillors over cuts to opening hours at two centres.

The trust has now cut the opening hours at East Sands Leisure Centre and Cupar Leisure Centre, citing budget pressures.

Cllr Linda Holt has now called on the trust director to face local councillors, over concerns about the lack of a public consultation and new accusations that the numbers used to justify the cuts were not accurate.

“Once again north-east Fifers are being presented with a fait accompli reduction in services,” Cllr Holt said. “Once again it looks as if north-east Fife is being unfairly targeted.

“The body responsible carried out no public consultation about these cuts and it has refused to attend a public meeting to explain them and hear residents’ views.”

Ed Watson, chief executive officer for Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, said councillors, including Cllr Holt, were informed of the changes in early September.

He added: “The briefing note explained that changes had been approved by Fife Council and that it agreed to the process for instigating the change process. The trust has been warning Fife Council of the consequences of continued reductions on its management fee.

“We would encourage, and welcome, Cllr Holt to consult and lobby her colleagues at Fife Council if she feels the management fee reduction is not justified and is having a negative impact on her constituents.”