Video: Greens campaign on Kirkcaldy High Street

The Scottish Green party have been hitting the campaign trail in Kirkcaldy, as candidate Scott Rutherford visited the town centre.

Mr Rutherford told the Press what he felt the main issues are in Kirkcaldy.

Scott Rutherford with Patrick Harvie. Picture: FPA

Scott Rutherford with Patrick Harvie. Picture: FPA

He cited the flaring and environmental impact at Mossmoran, along with the effect it has had on the lives of those nearby.

He also said devlolving move economic powers to local authorities could help regenerate town centres and bring jobs.

He said: “There are so many important local issues for people in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath right now.

“In Cowdenbeath there’s Mossmorran, which is a huge disrupter of people’s lives, and in Burntisland it’s lack of investment in BiFab which can contribute hugely to a green new deal for industry in Fife.

“In Kirkcaldy it’s places like the High Street that’s seen decline over the years because central government won’t devolve economic levers to local government and won’t allow them to make those decisions and tailer their economy to what it needs.

“It’s stagnant wages that have not kept up with inflation, the average person doesn’t have the money to spend that they did ten years ago despite employment being so high.

“I think that’s something we can do at Westminster, it’s something I’m really committed to delivering; for good wages and good jobs for local people.”

Mr Rutherford added that he hopes voters don’t become disenfranchised in today’s political climate.

He added: “I was born in Kirkcaldy, I’ve lived here almost all my life, I’ve worked here, I’ve commuted from here, I’ve been unemployed here.

“I know what all those issues mean to local people.

“I don’t want to see people suffer and be disenfranchised as so many are.

“I want to see a bold, progressive future for Kirkcaldy and I want to be the one to deliver on that.”

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