Pop-Up Bob out to catch speeding drivers in Kennoway and Lundin Links

PCs Lorraine King and Gordon Latto with Pop Up Bob and Cllr Tom Adams and Cllr Charles Haffey. Picture by George McLuskie.
PCs Lorraine King and Gordon Latto with Pop Up Bob and Cllr Tom Adams and Cllr Charles Haffey. Picture by George McLuskie.

Local councillors have been working with Police Scotland to reduce speeding through some of Levenmouth’s worst hit areas.

Councillors Tom Adams and Charles Haffey were out and about with local officers on Wednesday in Bonnybank, Kennoway and Lundin Links, all areas which have been blighted by speeding.

It follows concerns from Kennoway Community Council and locals in Lundin Links who are all keen to see the number of drivers speeding through their towns reduced.

And with their secret weapon, cardboard bobby ‘Pop-Up Bob’, Cllr Adams is sure that the exercise will have convinced many drivers that if you speed through these areas, there’s a big chance you might get caught.

“I think it was a huge success,” he said. “It works pretty much 100 per cent because as soon as drivers see the pop-up, they slow down, and then the police sit just behind with the gun.

“Pop-Up Bob is really effective, and from 50 yards back, looks just like a real policeman.

“It works because it isn’t an empty threat – the police are there ready to catch people.”

Cllr Adams noted that any other residents in Levenmouth who are concerned about speeding in their area can get in contact with their local councillor who can organise a similar campaign.

The action was cautiously welcomed by chairman of the Kennoway Community Council David Mole, who said the issue of speeding through the town had been spoken about in several meetings recently.

“People simply hammer down Sandybrae right past the garage, with some even ignoring the crossing.

“I think the only way to cure this problem is fairly hefty prosecutions, but obviously this is a start to show that they are doing something.

“We just want people to slow down and be aware of the red light.”

The campaign across Levenmouth is already having an effect, with more than two dozen people caught driving over the limit just last week. Local officers have vowed to continue their efforts to reduce speeding in the area.

Sergeant Craig Fyall of Levenmouth Police stated: “We are aware of the concerns by local residents and police officers will be targeting the areas identified. Last week there were 25 people detected for speeding offences in the Levenmouth and East Fife area. We are proactive in targeting this type of behaviour and have a unit dedicated to enforcing road traffic legislation. Pop-up Bob is a deterrent , and is supported by officers who are nearby with speed detecting equipment.”