Portraits from the present in the past

Children at Burntisland Primary beside some of the painted pupils on the mural.
Children at Burntisland Primary beside some of the painted pupils on the mural.
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Colourful self-portraits of all of Burntisland Primary’s 621 pupils and staff are set to live on in the school after it finally closes its doors on 150 years of teaching in July.

In a lasting tribute to the pupils, a local artist, Carole-Anne Paterson, has been working alongside the pupils to transfer every one of the paintings they did of themselves on to the walls of corridors around the school.

Some of the pupils with their portraits

Some of the pupils with their portraits

Every one, from the P1 infants through to the P7 school leavers is included in the ambitious project, which began at the beginning of last term and is expected to be completed by the beginning of May.

The school has been supported in its venture by the Dulux Decorator Centre in Kirkcaldy which provided donations of tins of paint and brushes.

Julie Anderson, head teacher at the school said the project was proving a great success.

“We wanted to do something to mark our time in the school, and it was decided that it would be a good idea if each child as well as all the teachers and other members of staff painted a picture of themself and we had them all put on the walls of the school as a lasting reminder.

“We were delighted when Carol-Ann agreed to come in to the school and help us with this as she is really well-known in the town for all the good work she does with Civic Week and at Christmas time.”

Carole-Anne, who works in the town’s Co-op store, said she was having a great time working with the youngsters.

“I am in the school every spare minute I have, and will be going in over the holidays to do what I can,” she explained.

“I just transfer their paintings on to the walls then they get to paint part of it. It is time consuming, but the children are really loving it and they go around looking for their pictures on the walls.

“The parents who have seen them also think they are great. It is a really nice project to be involved in and a lovely thing to leave behind.”

When every person’s portrait has been completed, the school is planning to hold open evenings next term to allow former pupils and staff to visit and say goodbye to their school.

“This school has been an important part of the Burntisland community for almost 150 years,” explained Julie.

“There will be a number of events being held throughout the term, and we plan to invite people to come along to the school and have a look around, reminisce about their memories of the building and see the wonderful works of art on the school walls at the same time.

“This is a really exciting project and the children have really enjoyed taking part in it.

“We will be sad to leave the school, although we are very excited about moving into our new school, and it will be nice for us to leave this legacy.”