Post Box is coming, Royal Mail assures

Residents in Maitland Street in Leven have been reassured that they are still getting their post box back – months after work which caused it to be removed was completed.

Concerns were raised in September after the original box, which sat in the wall of Scoonie Bridge, was removed after work to strengthen the bridge began. At the time, Royal Mail guaranteed that a new, free standing box would be installed close to the original location.

But nearly four months after work was completed in October 2014, the street and its residents are still without their post box.

Morag Turnbull from Roayl Mail said: “The post box at the bridge at Maitland street in Leven was closed due the reconstruction work being carried out on the bridge.

“It is still Royal Mail’s intention to provide a smaller pedestal post box near to the original location. We are working to install the post box as quickly as possible but any new site is subject to underground utility cables and checks. Royal Mail apologises to customers for the temporary inconvenience.”