Post Office hiccup as new site hunt goes on

Post Office in The Postings
Post Office in The Postings

A relocation of Kirkcaldy’s central post office suffered a wobble when a machine malfunction caused queues out the door.

The new temporary branch, sited at unit 13 in the Postings, opened on Tuesday afternoon following the closure of the Tesco branch on Thursday last week.

A spokesman said: “The Paystation is out of order but we are doing our very, very best to get the situation rectified.I can reassure customers that all our other services are up and running as normal and we apologise for any inconvenience.”

According to former MP Gordon Brown, four bidders are vying to run a permanent new Post Office in town.

Previously, around 4000 elderly people used the Tesco branch but that number has dwindled since the supermarket’s closure.

A Post Office spokesman said: “All applicants for Kirkcaldy have premises in various parts of the High Street.

“So a final location will depend on which applicant is successful. Obviously we will take location into consideration prior to making any proposal.

He added: “Once we have a firm proposal, we will or course put this out to public consultation.”

Mr Brown said: “It is important to keep the post office in the heart of Kirkcaldy.”