Postie's first class effort to deliver Leven boy's letter

Two Levenmouth families have lavished praise on a local postie for going above and beyond the call of duty and well and truly delivering.

Thursday, 2nd March 2017, 3:08 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:10 am
Zander Petrie with his friend Xander McIntosh (Pics by George McLuskie)

Postman Scott Bone turned detective to make sure a ‘get well’ message from a five-year-old schoolboy to his ailing friend got to where it needed to go – despite having no address written on it.

And not only that, little Xander McIntosh had only posted a piece of paper without putting it into an envelope.

His grandmother Kathleen McIntosh said Xander had come home from his P1 class at Methilhill Primary School saying his friend – also a five-year-old called Zander –was off school sick and he wanted to send him a “Get Well Soon” message.

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She said: “He came home from school and told me that Zander Petrie, who is one of his best friends, was off school sick.

“Their teacher had written ‘Get Well Soon’ on the board and he had copied it down.

“So he wrote a get well soon message on a piece of paper and said he was wanting to post that.”

Kathleen said she told him what he would need to do to send a letter properly – but her instructions fell on deaf ears!

“I tried to explain to him that it would need to go in an envelope and have the correct address on it but he wasn’t having it.

“I even tried to get him to let me fold it into the shape of an envelope but he wouldn’t let me do that either - he was adamant!”

Kathleen attached a second class stamp to the piece of paper and let Xander post it thinking it was unlikely it would ever reach its intended target, so when she discovered that Zander had indeed received his get well message she says she was “amazed”.

“Zander’s family told me about it at school,” she said, “I couldn’t believe it.

“I think it’s absolutely fantastic that the postman went out of his way to make sure it was delivered.”

Zander’s dad, Alexander, said he and wife Tracy couldn’t believe that they had received the message at their home in Queen’s Avenue in Methilhill.

“It’s crazy how it got through the post, he said.

“It’s the first letter he’s ever received, so it was a big deal for him.

“He’d had the flu, the whole house was bunged up with it, so we were all a bit fed up, but he was really excited when he got Xander’s message and it really cheered him up.”

“I think the postman did brilliantly.”

Kathleen also said that postie Scott was deserving of thanks.

“I’ve no idea how he managed to find out but we were told that he’d made some phone calls.

“He must have had to carry out some detective work to find out where it needed to go.

“It’s absolutely brilliant. We all want to thank him so much.”

Royal Mail spokesperson, Morag Turnbull said: “We’re delighted that our postman in Leven was able to use his detective skills and local knowledge to get this item of mail delivered to Zander.

“Our staff always go the extra mile to try and deliver our customers’ mail.”