Power plea: We got bills, they’re multiplying ...

Lismore Place Residents Association with the Scottish Power bills. Picture by FPA.
Lismore Place Residents Association with the Scottish Power bills. Picture by FPA.

Elderly residents at a Kirkcaldy sheltered housing complex have been left at their wits end after seven months of problems with their energy provider.

The residents at the Fife Council-run Lismore Place complex have all experienced a range of problems relating to energy bills from Scottish Power since new gas central heating was installed in January.

This has been an absolute shambles.

Mary Rennie, who has stayed at Lismore for the last three or four years, did not receive her first bill until around March, and since that time, has received a further eight notices, all demanding payment for amounts ranging from £200 to over £400.

Lynn Scott, Mary’s granddaughter, has been dealing with Scottish Power to try to resolve the issue.

She told The Press: “All of the residents are so concerned about this and my gran has been really stressed, because she wants to pay her bill, but we don’t know how much she is actually due. But the longer they all have to wait to actually pay, the more it is building up.”

Lynn and the residents have spoken to Scottish Power several times over the past few months, but all have been given different information. “I was finally told that for the first three months, gran had used £83 of energy, but when I asked if she could pay weekly, they told me it could only be a monthly amount of £100 - it doesn’t make sense,” said Lynn.

Another resident, Margaret Martin, moved into her flat in February, and has not received a single bill since then, despite having had her meter read five separate times.

And Georgina Coull has received over two dozen bills to her home, some addressed to Fife Council, some to her and some to people who don’t even live in the complex.

Earlier this year, the residents contacted David Torrance MSP, who arranged a meeting at the complex with two representatives from Scottish Power. Mr Torrance said the energy company took full responsibilty at the time and promised a discount on bills with a goodwill payment on top. Residents were also told not to pay anything until they had each had a one-to-one meeting to organise payment of their bills.

However, since that meeting over two months ago, nothing has been done, and bills have still been sent out.

Mr Torrance said: “This is obviously a huge worry for the residents and Scottish Power needs to come good on its promises because this has been an absolute shambles.”

A spokesman for Scottish Power said: “We sincerely apologise for any delay in resolving this issue. We will be writing to all the affected residents of Lismore Place this week to extend our apologies and confirm that we will offer compensation for the delays once fully resolved.”