Praise for enthusiastic and courteous pupils

0312004 SSFF pathhead pc 'Pathhead Pupil Council with their 'top secret' HMI report that will be released soon - at Pathhead PS, Kirkcaldy
0312004 SSFF pathhead pc 'Pathhead Pupil Council with their 'top secret' HMI report that will be released soon - at Pathhead PS, Kirkcaldy
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A KIRKCALDY school has been highly praised for how enthusiastic, courteous and well behaved its pupils are.

This was just one of the key strengths of Pathhead Primary School and Nursery highlighted in a report by Her Majesty’s Inspectors for Education (HMIe) following their recent inspection.

Over 95 per cent of pupils told the inspectors that they have a say in the school, are treated fairly and with respect, and that the Pupil Council makes a difference to school life.

Staff were praised on the high levels of care and welfare provided and on the nurturing approaches used throughout the school.

It was also noted that teachers encourage the children to do their best. Team work among staff was also seen as very effective, as was the work with a range of outside agencies, which ensured the best support for every child.


The inspectors found that not only do the teachers plan the learning and teaching to show links between subject areas, they also take the children’s interests into consideration.

The wide range of visitors to the school and the extensive programme of visits, which enhance learning throughout the school, along with the high quality outdoor learning opportunities were also praised.

As part of the inspection process, parents and pupils were asked to provide their views of the school.

Parents reported that they are happy with the school and that the school is well led. They also felt that their children enjoyed learning and were progressing well.

Parents felt their children were treated fairly and that staff knew their children as individuals, and kept parents well informed about their progress.


There were three areas highlighted for improvement which the school has already begun to address.

These included further improvement in mathematics attainment and development of the curriculum in line with Curriculum for Excellence.

Julie Anderson, headteacher, said: “I’m absolutely delighted that the report highlighted the positive and nurturing ethos, the staff commitment, children’s enthusiasm and engagement in learning, as these are the key features which make Pathhead the great place we know it is.

“Visitors to our school often comment on the lovely, friendly atmosphere and we are pleased that the inspectors recognised this, as this promotes and encourages everyone to be the best they can.

“We will focus on the specific points for action and continue to make Pathhead a great place to work and learn.”