Praise for NHS Fife hospital meals

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Patients have given NHS Fife a ‘thumbs-up’ when it comes to the state of its facilities and catering services.

Almost 300 patients were surveyed upon discharge, as part of a three month satisfaction report running from January through March this year; the report was part of a wider audit of the Estates and Facilities directorate.

Amongst the key findings in catering were that 90% of patients expressed satisfaction with the taste, appearance and temperature of the meals they received, 93 per cent believed that portion sizes were appropriate, and 97 per cent found members of staff pleasant and helpful; the findings are now being used to inform the catering department as to future menu options, with particular emphasis on diet and choice.

Feedback around facilities also garnered positive findings, with between 80 per cent and 90 per cent of patients reporting that domestic services, linen and curtains were always visibly clean.

Jim Leiper, director of estates, facilities and capital services, said: “These patient surveys are an important tool to help us assess how effectively we are meeting the needs and expectations of our patients.

“Whilst it is always extremely encouraging to receive positive feedback - and the feedback was generally that most of our services were good most of the time – it is also useful to look at ways where we could be doing things better.

“For example, our facilities survey brought to light that patients would like more pay or trolley phone services and, as a result of this dialogue, we will now be looking at ways where we can increase the number of phones available.

“NHS Fife is committed to providing the best possible experience for its patients and that means looking at more than just their clinical needs. Ultimately, by engaging with our patients we are able to find out what is important to them, what they think we are doing well, and what they think we could be doing differently, this approach is fundamental to continually improving patient experience in Fife.”