Press proposal has a happy outcome!

Jacques Glanville with fiancee Holly Masson and baby Jacques-John
Jacques Glanville with fiancee Holly Masson and baby Jacques-John

a YOUNG Kirkcaldy couple are celebrating their engagement after a proposal was printed in the Fife Free Press!

Every year we invite our readers to send in a Valentine message for their loved one and this year an extra special one arrived in the post.

Jacques Glanville (18) decided that, as the Press was printed on Valentine’s Day, he would take the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend Holly Masson (18).

The message read: “There’s something I have never said to you.

From the first time we kissed I felt like my heart exploded and I knew you were the one.

So Holly Masson, will you marry me and be mine forever?”

Jacques, who is studying social care at Adam Smith College, said: “I wasn’t sure if it would actually go in because I didn’t know if the Fife Free Press would put in all the messages that they got.

“So I was totally shocked when I saw it on the front page!

Jacques said that he and Holly had discussed getting married but he decided to put the proposal in print on the spur of the moment.

Spur of moment

“I just did it out of the blue,” he said. “I was a bit nervous but happily Holly said yes!

“I’m getting the mickey taking out of me for being romantic!”

The couple, who live in Methven Place with their six-week-old baby son Jacques-James, first met six years ago and have now been dating for the last two years.

Jacques said his parents are very happy with their exciting news. “They’re over the moon,” he said. “All our friends are too.”

It was one of those friends who first told Holly that there was a proposal for her on the front page of the local paper.


She said: “It was one of my pals who phoned and told me,” she said.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, especially with it being on the front page!

“But of course I said yes straight away. I’m really happy and my parents feel the same.”

With Jacques looking to finish his studies and move into social work the couple are putting off the big day for a few years.

“We’re going to wait for a while yet but there’s no rush!” said Holly.