Pressure grows to change Kinghorn flats proposal

Concerned Kinghorn residents at the site
Concerned Kinghorn residents at the site
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Pressure brought on a housebuilder by Kinghorn residents with help from their councillor may be successful in altering plans for a new development.

Controversial proposals to build 27 affordable flats on the village’s main street, next to a conservation area including the Town Hall, could be scaled down according to Councillor Susan Leslie who has been liaising with Campion Homes on the Bruce Street plans.

At the time of going to press, no statement had been made by Campion, but Councillor Leslie said she was hopeful a compromise which suited both parties could be reached.

In an email sent to residents living near the proposed development, Councillor Leslie said that a response from Fife Council’s Urban Design Team stated that the “current proposal amounts to overdevelopment of the site.”

Councillor Leslie added: “This is, of course, exactly the point we have all been making for some time. 

“Campion Homes are aware of this concern and others about parking, amenity space and design features, and are now considering reducing the number of units proposed for the site,” she said, adding that she would press them to consult the community on any new proposals.

“I am aware that residents have also conducted a very effective lobbying campaign and that has all added to this good result at this stage.”

A planning application is now unlikely to go to the Central Planning Committee until January.

Colin Clunie, spokesman for the residents, said: “We welcome this update which reflects the key concerns already put forward by residents. We are hopeful that Campion will engage with the community and revise their proposal to be more sympathetic and in-keeping with the location and surrounding buildings.”