Prestigious role for North East Fife’s new MP Gethins

Stephen Gethins
Stephen Gethins

North east Fife’s new MP , Stephen Gethins, was this week chosen to take the key role of SNP Group Spokesperson and Shadow Minister for Europe as part of the new SNP Team in the House of Commons.

The announcement comes as the UK gears up for an in / out Referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

It will be one of the key areas that the House of Commons will have to consider during this Parliament.

Former First Minister Alex Salmond who has been announced as the Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, commented on Stephen’s appointment saying:“Europe will be at the top of the political agenda during this Parliament and I am delighted that Stephen will be taking on this role.

“He has wide experience in European and International affairs developed during his time working in Brussels and in the Scottish Government.

“Stephen will be a strong voice for Scotland’s interests in Europe and a leading campaigner in the positive case for Scotland, and the rest of the UK, to remain in the European Union.”

Stephen, who was sworn in as a Member of Parliament earlier this week, said:“I am delighted to have been given this role in what will be a pivotal time for Scotland and its relationship with the European Union.

“We will be making the case for a positive campaign to keep Scotland, and the rest of the UK, in Europe.

“It is estimated that one in seven jobs in Scotland are dependent on our membership of the European Union and that is why we have opposed Tory plans that threaten our place in the EU.

“We will also make sure that Scotland’s voice is heard and amend the legislation to ensure that no part of the UK can be taken out of Europe against its will.”

Gethins took the seat previously held by Sir Menzies Campbell for 28 years.