Preview: Zoe Lyons, That’s Fife Comedy Festival

Zoe will perform at the Byre, St Andrews and the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy
Zoe will perform at the Byre, St Andrews and the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy

Launching the That’s Fife Comedy Festival back in February, veteran Scots comic Fred McAuley highlighted Zoe Lyons as “one of the strongest stand-ups on the circuit right now” – an accolade she is pretty pleased with.

“That was really lovely because I’m a big admirer of Fred’s. He’s an incredibly funny guy, and that was so sweet of him to say.

“It’s always nice to be recognised by your peers as well - that’s why we do it isn’t it!”

Already in full swing, the festival has brought the likes of Chris Ramsay, Nina Conti and George Egg to venues across Fife, and Zoe will be entertaining the crowds at the Byre (Friday) and the Adam Smith Theatre (Saturday) this weekend.

Not a stranger to Scotland, she says she visits quite frequently.

“The Scottish audiences are really good. In this job, obviously we get to travel all over the place and you tend to get a feel for places.

“The Scottish audiences tend to be quite forgiving and like to get involved and just want to have a good time so that’s great.”

Already a firm favourite on shows such as Live at The Apollo and Mock the Week, Zoe is well known for her high energy routines.

She recently played the Glasgow Comedy Festival, highlighting The Stand as “probably my favourite club in the country”, and last month she was awarded the Chortle Comedy Club Award for Best Club Comedian, which she said was “really lovely”.

But it will be new ground for her as she treads the boards of the Byre and the Adam Smith.

Reassuring her she can expect great venues and even better audiences in Fife, she explained what punters can expect from her show, Work in Progress.

“I’m an observational comedian and I pride myself on the fact that my comedy will never change the world! It will hopefully just brighten up an evening. I’m fairly animated on stage, I quite enjoy playing out the physical aspects of the comedy, I try to embody it.”