Priest puts family in picture - 63 years on

A GLENROTHES priest worked religiously to track down the family of a ‘clippie’ who got married more than 60 years ago.

A picture featuring May Morris after her wedding to Robert Moir 63 years ago made the pages of a national newspaper, because the happy couple had met when they were driver and conductress on the same bus.

A few weeks ago, a copy of the paper, which was dated Tuesday, August 16, 1949, turned up in the weight box helping to drive the clock on the steeple at St Mary’s Church in Leslie.

Parish priest, Monsignor Gerry Hand, issued an appeal to track down May and Robert’s family and, this week, he handed over the photograph to May’s daughter Christine Ferrier, and her brother James Moir.

Christine said: “We were taken completely by surprise when we saw the story about Mum

“We are absolutely delighted to have this wonderful memory of Mum and Dad.

“We had no knowledge that she had ever made the headlines and we will now get the paper framed as an everlasting memory of a wonderful couple.”

Sadly May died last September and Robert passed away in 1965, but the paper will now be shown to their four grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

James added: “Mum and dad would have loved to share this with all their family and we are very grateful to Monsignor Hand for making the effort to find us.”

Monsignor Hand said the congregation at St Mary’s were pleased that the paper had found its way into the hands of the family and its recovery and story would be recorded in the church’s annals.

He added that the paper was discovered by award-winning Glenrothes stonemason, George Sweeney Jnr, who had been asked to carry out urgent maintenance work inside the clock-tower after it became obvious that pigeons had been roosting there for some time.

George said: “When we cleaned out the weight boxes which power the clock there was this old paper in reasonably good condition given that it must have been there for nearly 70 years.

“Not only the stories were interesting, however, but some of the adverts brought a smile to our faces as well, from hair tonics endorsed by celebrities to offers to buy old gold for cash – again somethings don’t seem to have moved on really.”