Princess’ tale told in a new tongue

Robin Mitchell
Robin Mitchell

The children’s book ‘Princess Pumpalot’, by Leven author Robin Mitchell, is to be translated into Arabic.

Since its publication in July 2012, the book has been adapted for the stage and enjoyed a successful run at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The show co-starred Leven actress-singer Donna Hazelton.

Animation rights were then snapped up by Arcus Studios on the back of the Fringe show.

Robin said: “It’s quite remarkable how the Princess has taken off. She’s going from strength to strength.”

The book will be translated by filmmaker Yasmin Fedda, who said: “I attended the Fringe show and was very impressed by the performance. The story has a real mix of theatre and pantomime. When I told friends and family about it, they couldn’t stop laughing! I’m sure the story will be well received in the Arab world.”

The story tells of a princess who protects the kingdom of Wiffyville from the invasion of Low-Flying Gnomes by the use of magic beans that have a particular effect on her.

Robin previously worked with Yasmin on the documentary films, ‘Breadmakers’ (2007) and ‘A Tale of Two Syrias’ (2012). Pleased to be reunited with her, he said plans were already in place for the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show at the New Town Theatre.