Private club in line for £12m expansion

Pittormie Castle, by Dairsie.
Pittormie Castle, by Dairsie.

Private members Eden Club at Pittormie Castle, by Dairsie, is set to undergo a £12 million expansion.

Plans include creating 10 high-end four-bedroom residences, which will double the number of fully serviced second-homes on the estate as well as eight suites in the main main castle.

It is predicted the development could create around 40 new jobs.

Fiona McIlroy, general manager, said: “Our owners believe that it is the right time to invest in the property as we see opportunities for growth in our international membership club model.

“We now have great demand from international members looking to visit Scotland year round, to play golf, hunt or enjoy other pursuits using our iconic castle home as their base.

“Unlike other Scottish clubs, the Eden Club is not venue dependent. Members join an international club which gives access to multiple dimensions wherever they reside, including a luxurious lifestyle concierge, outstanding events schedule and private residence club.”

The castle and estate was purchased in 2005 from the McKinnon family - who until recently owned Drambuie - by London-born Tom Lawrence, an entrepreneur who sold a successful publishing business in the ‘90s and has since invested in private clubs and international real estate. He now lives in Bermuda.

Working with Historic Scotland, the Eden Club carried out a sensitive renovation and now has more than 700 members from 42 countries.

The castle is particularly popular with the North American market where the residence club model is more established. Over half of the Eden Club members are American-based business and leisure travellers, paying tens of thousands of pounds for the privilege of joining.

It is preparing its own series of events around the Open Golf Championship. It will host some of the world’s top players during the competition and is also hosting a gala dinner.

Expansion work is to begin in November and is expected to complete by summer 2017.