Playpark in Hendrie Crescent, East Wemyss.
Playpark in Hendrie Crescent, East Wemyss.

SWIFT action is being taken by a local Levenmouth councillor to call time on drinking in a public playpark in East Wemyss.

The small park in Hendrie Crescent, near East Wemyss Bowling Club, has recently attracted complaints about youths drinking at night in the open-air space and causing disturbances.

Councillor Rodger said he would shortly be speaking to Fife Council and the police – as the nuisance element and potential law-breaking would not be tolerated.

Previously, a seat had to be removed from a nearby area because of youths congregating, but Cllr Rodger said the problem had not arisen locally for some time.

The aim now was to “nip it in the bud” before it became an issue again.

Cllr Rodger said he had received complaints in the last few days from some neighbours about small groups of youngsters and the noise and rubbish they left behind.

If was very off-putting for young families to come to the park later and find bottles or ripped cans strewn about, he added.

He would be asking Fife Council to consider possible security measures and taking the matter up with the police, who normally dealt very quickly with such incidents once they were reported.

“Drinking in public places will not be tolerated,” said Cllr Rodger.

“There are bye-laws, which the police will administer, and if anyone thinks they can drink in our parks, they will not get away with it – there is a hefty fine.”

He added: “We’ve made a lot of investment in these parks and we want youngsters to be able to go to them. We want them kept tidy and clean.”