Problem of bins blowing in the wind

Cllr Elizabeth Riches
Cllr Elizabeth Riches

An East Neuk councillor has rubbished a problem with bins blowing and billowing in the wind.

Elizabeth Riches said rubbish strewn around streets and gardens, when green bin lids were flipped open in the wind, was becoming a common nuisance.

“Welcome as the green bin is for recycling tins and plastics, too many families are finding the current frequency of emptying them once a month is not frequent enough,” she added.

“As a result, by the time the bin is put out to be emptied, it is full to the top. It is then very easy for rubbish to be whipped from an open bin by high winds.”

Cllr Riches has had talks with Council officers and said a method which met all regulations had to be found to secure bin lids until they needed to be opened.

“The bins are so light even when full that they can be easily blown over,” she said.

“We have frequent high gusty winds and must be able to ensure they remain closed even if tipped over.”