Progress is being made on the ‘Ming’

Lindsay Roy MP
Lindsay Roy MP

Scottish Water has been congratulated by a local MP for its ‘serious, determined and comprehensive’ approach to tackling the Methil Ming.

The company has been under fire for years over its failure to erradicate the offensive odours which emanate from the waste water treatment work.

But following the introduction of a range of measures, it looks as if the problem has been largely solved.

Lindsay Roy MP said: “They are leaving no stone unturned in trying to make things better for local communities.

“The steps Scottish Water are taking are clearly working, for during the hottest July for years they received just five complaints about odours, and there were only two last month.

“Compare that with last year when there were 73 and 43 respectively!

“Another indicator of the success in tackling the Methil Ming is that we have had no-one in contact with our office for many months now – it used to be a regular occurance.

“At long last there is a feeling that a real difference is being made and Scottish Water is gradually rebuilding trust and confidence in community.”