Progress report on the Methil Ming

Levenmouth Waste Water Treatment Works
Levenmouth Waste Water Treatment Works

PROGRESS in dealing with the notorious ‘Methil Ming’ is moving forward but the public need to push the issue, according to Fife MP Lindsay Roy.

At a stakeholders meeting held by Scottish Water last Tuesday, community representatives were informed about the latest attempts to quash the pong from Levenmouth Waste Water treatment Plant.

Mr Roy said: ““I welcome the fact the chemical treatment seems to be having a positive effect and they’re continuing to check the drier which many people believe is the main source of the odour.

“And we warmly welcome the involvement of the Hutton Institute which is doing detailed research into the matter, including holding focus group sessions with members of the community.”

He added: “It’s good also to hear of the appointment of a community relations officer by Scottish Water but I am concerned about the apparent lack of coordination between Scottish Water and SEPA about how they are dealing with complaints.

“I’m particularly disappointed at the lack of odour diaries submitted to SEPA – there had only been five returned from members of the public.”

The MP and local campaigners and councillors have been pushing Scottish Water to find a solution to the unpleasant odours emanating from the sewage waste treatment plant.

In an attempt to get to the root of the problem, the Hutton Institute has been aksing the community to describe in their own words the nature of the odour and the strength of it.

So far, Scottish Water has reportedly spent a six figure sum in investigating the matter.

“Members of the public and the local action group FLAT think the odours are more than a public nuisance. I agree,” said Mr Roy

“I appreciate we will get further detailed information by September, and that there was a promise that if there were any major issues arising before then, a meeting would be convened as and when appropriate.

“With community representatives, I am determined to make sure that improvements occur. Local people deserve nothing less.”