Prom’s prized bloo flag may be flushed away

Tom Adams and Charles Haffey
Tom Adams and Charles Haffey

LEVEN beach’s blue flag status is in danger of being stripped due to Fife Council proposals to close public toilets.

The authority is threatening the closure of all its facilities, with the exception of just one in St Andrews, in a bid to save £200,000 per year.

One of the toilets earmarked sits on Leven’s Prom’ but is considered key to the required criteria to holding blue flag status, judged on facility provision, water cleanliness and litter management.

Labour councillors Tom Adams and Charles Haffey last week flagged up the need for Leven to keep its toilet open.

The councillors said: “There is a real possibility that the town and its beach will lose the hard won blue flag status if there is not a working public toilet on site.

“The move is short sighted and will damage the area’s ability to attract tourists and locals alike.

“The beach is busy, skate park full, play park packed and the outdoor gym is doing a roaring trade yet, if the public returns sometime soon, they will find the busy public convenience will be closed.”

Fife currently has six beaches which hold the prestigious status, with only another one being given out across the rest of the country in last year’s round of awards.

Councillor Tony Martin, chair of the environment, enterprise and transportation committee, said the council was working towards using alternative ways of providing public toilets.

He said: “The range of different options include the expansion of the comfort break scheme, working with other partners, as well as using some existing facilities, including use of automated public toilets.

“We are committed to continuing to provide quality toilet services at our award winning beaches.”

Cllrs Haffey and Adams want the administration to reconsider the closures.