Property firm trying to block demolition

'Toby' Siddique was gunned down in Glenrothes
'Toby' Siddique was gunned down in Glenrothes
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THE ‘ghost’ of murdered Toby Siddique has come back to haunt plans to demolish notorious blocks of flats in Glenrothes, reports MIKE DELANEY.

Fife Council wants to knock down the maisonettes in Tanshall’s Huntly Drive and Durris Drive.

The burnt out flats in Huntly Drive

The burnt out flats in Huntly Drive

But a bid is being made to stop the bulldozers rolling into the Tanshall streets - in the name of the property company Toby and his convicted killer brother, Mo, ran.

The company owned many of the flats in the run downblocks, which local authority officials described as the worst of their kind in Fife and not fit for human habitation.

The council announced last year that it wanted the flats knocked down and warned that if the various landlords did not make arrangements to do the work, the council would, then bill them.

It had hoped that this could have been done this spring, but that now seems unlikely.

Council lead officer, Beverley Green, said: ”Demolition orders were served on 1 February and an appeal has subsequently been lodged.

“The first procedural calling of the appeal will be processed at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court on 30 March.

“The judicial factor has lodged an appeal on behalf of Moncrieff Properties.”

A judicial factor is someone appointed by the court to look after or to ingather and distribute property belonging to someone else.

The appointment can be made in a variety of circumstances such as where a person dies without leaving a will and nobody is prepared to act as executor, or where someone is missing and the court has granted decree to the effect that the person has died.

During the longest murder trial ever held in Scotland, which ended last week with the conviction of Mo Siddique and two Bulgarian ‘hitmen’, it was said that Mo and Toby had been engaged in a power struggle for control of Moncrieff.

Toby was killed by a single shot in a flat in Forres Drive, just yards from the under-threat maisonettes and only days after damning comments had been made about some properties the firm owned.

It is not known who is now running the firm.

It will be represented at the hearing by Nigel Cook of Kirkcaldy solicitors McKenzies.

Asked for the grounds upon which the appeal was being made, he said: “Without permission I can’t tell you that.

“I am bound by client confidentiality.”