Protesters keep up pressure in fight to eradicate Methil Ming

Protest against the Methil Ming. (c) David Wardle
Protest against the Methil Ming. (c) David Wardle

A protest held on Saturday afternoon to raise awareness of a campaign to rid the area of the notorious ‘Methil Ming’ has been hailed a success.

Members of Friends of Levenmouth Action Group (FLAG), dressed in paper boiler suits and gas masks, gathered with placards at the busy junction at the Bawbee Garage area in Leven.

Their aim was to make as many people who are affected by the noxious odour nuisance who live, work and shop in the area aware of their campaign against Scottish Water, who are responsible for the Levenmouth Waste Water Treatment Works where the smell comes from.

Audrey Egan secretary of FLAG took part in the protest which encouraged drivers to ‘honk’ their horns to show support.

“During the three hours we were present in the Bawbee Garage area, we received around 2,520 ‘honks’ from all kinds of vehicles and verbal cries of support from passers-by,” she told the Mail.

“Our next step is to take the short online survey (FLAG has posted a five question survey at to the streets and gather as much support from the community as possible.

“This will be put in front of Scottish Water to show a true number of complaints against their claimed record of calls.

“We will be meeting with Scottish Water in the near future to discuss the survey, its results and what is to be done.”

MP Lindsay Roy also took part in the protest and afterwards demanded Scottish Water meet urgently to discuss the “unacceptable” situation.

“I congratulate FLAG for organising this demonstration to highlight the continuing problems of offensive odours that are emanating from the sewage works in Methil,” Mr Roy said.

“The demonstration showed yet again the widespread support from local residents for the campaign to get rid of the disgusting stench that has plagued areas of Levenmouth for years.

“The protest was prompted by the big increase in the number of complaints in July received both by Scottish water and FLAG.

“Yet again, local people are regularly being exposed to noxious smells that are damaging their quality of life.

“This is intolerable – and the people of Levenmouth deserve better.

“On behalf of the local community and working with other community representatives, I will continue to hold Scottish water to account and remain determined to resolve this issue once and for all.

“In this day and age, with all the scientific and technological support available, a solution to the problem must be possible and we must remain determined to bring this to an end.”.