Proud to be a part of Games

Shona McDonald with her memento baton
Shona McDonald with her memento baton

A KIRKCALDY woman was one of thousands of volunteers who helped the Olympics in London run smoothly.

Shona McDonald returned home this week after spending four weeks in the capital as a Games Maker.

But the 27-year-old said it was a fantastic experience and one she’ll never forget.

She told the Press: “I saw an ad for volunteers and decided it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and just went for it.

“I was very lucky to get through.

“I was in London for four weeks.

“I was down so early because the place where I was working, the teams were in early.

“I was working at the water polo venue.

“I was helping the athletes in and out the venue, helping the VIPs find their seats and helping the media, making sure they were okay.

Every day

“I loved it. I worked every day, but some days I did 12 hours and others I’d do four, but it was great.”

So how did the experience compare to what Shona had been expecting?

“Personally I didn’t know what to expect, but going down and meeting everyone was great.

“It was really good fun and I really felt part of the team.

“There were Games Makers from all over the world.

“The only way to describe it [the atmosphere] is like a carnival and everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves.

“It was a fantastic experience.

“For me personally it’s helped broaden my confidence and outlook on life.

“It’s made me so happy now and I’m hoping to continue with volunteering.

“It was great to meet so many new people.

“I would do it again in a heart beat, and I’ve already applied to be a volunteer at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.”