Psychic Sally: Delivering the messages ...

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Allan Crow joined a huge crowd at the Alhambra to see Psychic Sally up close for the first time

Psychic Sally

Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline

Alhambra Theatre

THE disclaimer beamed on to stage before the show said that, due to recent European legislation, this evening of psychic fun was for entertainment only as the science behind it was not proven.

The disclaimer to the disclaimer courtesy of the upbeat star added ‘‘ah but it hasn’t been unproven either!’’

And that, in a nutshell, sums up the dichotomy at the heart of this show - you either believe or you raise a quizzical eyebrow.

There’s no doubt Sally Morgan is big box office thanks to her reality show and her constant touring across the UK.

Packing out places like the Alhambra is no mean feat - and the fact so many audience members filled in the cards for messages and deposited non-returnable photos into the box underline the strong bond between performer and her public.

I have to admit the first message was probably the strongest - it got the most powerful and instant reaction from the girl in the crowd.

The rest? Well, I found it just a bit too general to really stir emotion and reaction which, I guess, is what we all came for. Well, that and a message that our old auntie is having a whale of a time wherever she is ...

Lots of names and scenarios were thrown into the mix - a bit like chucking darts at a board and hoping for treble 20 - but not all were picked up, and few in the second half of the show.

Trying to establish there were links from spirit to spirit just left me, a cynic here on ‘‘earthspace’’ (or was it ‘‘earthland?’’) - a land I previously thought of as inhabited by Bilbo Baggins - slightly baffled.

Morgan also ended with a bizarre tale of a 15-year old locked in a barn with a strange man and an owl - the good news is he was dead and was with her on stage.

It hinted at darkness and danger, but woman who stood up was nonplussed by it.

True, her house backed on to a barn and she had a daughter of that age. and as for owl, well, she was a Harry Potter fan.

The dots may have joined, but the connections seemed rather tenuous - more so than at the previous, and only, psychic show I saw where, however much I wanted to debunk the myth, I admit I struggled to explain a few of the revelations he delivered.

Allan Crow