'˜Psychological support vital' says Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK is highlighting the importance of psychological support for people with diabetes ahead of this World Health Day (April 7) which focuses on depression.

Depression is twice as common in people with diabetes, yet less than one in four people with diabetes have access to appropriate emotional and psychological support.

Depression may be triggered by the impact of being newly diagnosed, the daily responsibility of managing the condition and/or the fear of complications caused by diabetes such as blindness and amputation.

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In addition, people with diabetes may also experience anxiety and eating disorders including diabulimia.

People with diabetes may have depressive episodes for longer periods which may recur more frequently than for people without diabetes.

Linda McGlynn, Patient Engagement Manager at Diabetes Scotland said: “If you are feeling down about living with diabetes, ask your healthcare professional to talk you through our new ‘mood information prescription’ and make sure you’re getting all the help and support you need. A balanced diet and being active is important for good mental health as well as taking any prescribed medications.

“The best psychological support is vital for people living with diabetes. Managing diabetes well minimises your risk of developing serious, life-limiting complications. Yet mental health is often overlooked in diabetes care. Being able to get emotional support is one of Diabetes UK’s 15 Healthcare Essentials – yearly health checks which every person with diabetes should receive.”

For more information about diabetes, visit www.diabetes.org.uk

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