Pub boss hits back after raid by police from Organised Crime squad

Police raiding the Kirk Inn on Milton Road
Police raiding the Kirk Inn on Milton Road
  • Pub manager says no drugs found after raid
  • He says allegations false and blames Facebook rumours
  • Other pubs in area ‘jealous of Kirk Inn success’

The manager of a Kirkcaldy pub raided by police has denied “false allegations” on social media over alleged anti-social behaviour and drugs.

Daniel Conway, who manages the Kirk Inn on Milton Road, says the raid, which “found no drugs” on the property, came about due to rumours on social media.

The Kirk Inn

The Kirk Inn

The bar and hotel was at the centre of a raid last Thursday by officers fromPolice Scotland’s serious and organised crime squad.

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Detective Sergeant David Nairn said: “The intention of this enforcement action was to disrupt ongoing criminality, identify any potential offenders, and most importantly, send a message to the community that their concerns have been acted upon.”

But the Press revealed online that the bar was back in business, hosting an Ibiza themed DJ weekend.

Because we’re from Glasgow they assume we’re up to no good. It’s crazy.

Daniel Conway

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Speaking to The Press, Daniel (31) says that he fears the negative publicity is affecting his business.

He said that police claims that the venue had been shut down on Friday were false, and that he had been open just three hours afterwards last Thursday.

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Fife Council said a hygiene improvement notice had been served on the hotel in relation to food. Daniel says the pub hasn’t served food for three months.

He added: “On Thursday with the drug raid – that was due to the fact that people were spreading rumours in the local area, it was nothing to do with serious and organised crime.

“There were no actual drugs found on the premises. The only thing they did take was a laptop and a phone, due to the fact that they had to.

“It was me who was arrested, but I was actually released. I was taken in for questioning.

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“It was a misuse of drugs warrant, but that was just due to information that they’d received through Facebook. People were saying junk was being sold behind the bar when that is not on.

“We’re fully compliant with the police. We’re anti-drugs. It was false allegations posted on Facebook that led to this happening. The police actually told us that.

“People were saying that you could buy stuff behind the bar. Obviously someone’s just had a joke with one of our bar staff and it’s got out of hand. This is a zero tolerance drug pub.”

Daniel also disputes police claims that the pub had been shut down.

“We weren’t closed either,” he said. “We were shut down for six hours just due to something to do with the kitchen but it’s been closed for three months. The kitchen wasn’t being used, it’s only a bar.”

With regards to claims of drug use, Daniel said it is a reputation which comes with a younger clientele.

“We know that because of the crowd that we’ve got, a young crowd, that obviously this is going to be one of the biggest problems.

“For the last 13 weeks, the police have checked our toilets, and they’ve not even found any traces of drugs in the building. They’re acting on information – we told the police we knew this was going to happen.

“If someone falls in Kirkcaldy it means they’ve been shot. That’s how bad it is up in this area.

“And because we’re from Glasgow they assume we’re up to no good. It’s crazy.”

Earlier this week news broke that police had been in attendance again at the Kirk Inn on Saturday night due to a fight. Daniel disputed this.

“That fight actually occurred three-quarters of a mile up the street.

“Police were outside the pub, but the fight did not start here or take place anywhere near us. Our security notified the police.”

“We think as well a lot of the other pubs are jealous because we’ve just come from having no customers to over 100 people in now.

“A lot of other bars are going to be jealous – people are jumping on the bandwagon, and want to see us fail.

“No one’s trying to do anything new over the last couple of years for young people.

“We’ve started to put on dance music, big DJs at a small venue. People are jealous, and we know they’re talking about us.”

Daniel said measures had been taken to limit noise and trouble.

“Anything the police ask us to do, we do. They ask us to get security, we got security, We’re only a small pub – we’re not even on the High Street – and we shouldn’t have to get security but we’re paying that every week just to give the public and neighbours peace of mind.”

And in relation to social media reports about trouble at the pub, Daniel said: “If you really think that’s what it’s like then come down for yourself. It’s nothing like that. Don’t judge something you know nothing about.”

A Police Scotland spokesman confirmed that a man was arrested, that there were no charges, adding: “Inquiries are ongoing.”