Public meeting to get the Glenrothes ‘GO’ campaign going

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The people of Glenrothes are being called up to help make their town a go-to destination as part of a new drive to put of the new Go-Glenrothes campaign.

Residents from across the Glenrothes area are invited to attend a special public meeting next Tuesday, January 19 at the Lomond Centre from 6pm

There they will be able to have a direct input to an initiative which aims to put Glenrothes back on the tourist map, as well as help promote a number of key events happing in the town in 2016.

“Whilst it has taken time to get the organisation up and running it was important to get the foundations right,” said the campaign’s joint chairman Leslie Bain.

He added: “Now is a time to move forward in a positive manner and not only organise some exciting events in the coming year but also coordinate the publicity of other events happening in and around the town.

“I certainly look forward to Glenrothes becoming a must visit area for great events of all kinds.”

The organisers hope to get as many people as possible supporting the drive. `