Puck drop is ice-ing on the bridal cake for Flyers fans

Sam and Tabitha Wright drop the puck at the Flyers-Sheffield match on their wedding day
Sam and Tabitha Wright drop the puck at the Flyers-Sheffield match on their wedding day

A newly-wed couple put the “ice”ing on top of their wedding cake by dropping the puck at the home of their hockey heroes.

Sam and Tabitha Wright managed to sneak away from their wedding reception on Saturday to Fife Ice Arena where they started the match between Fife Flyers and Sheffield Steelers on the ice in front of a 2000 strong crowd.

Tabitha told the Press it was the perfect addition to their day - and a complete surprise to her new hubby.

She said: “I thought it would be a great idea because we go to all the games.

‘‘I told him we were going to get some pictures taken.

“We had actually been joking beforehand that we could just nip out to the game from reception and no-one would know, so when we pulled up at the rink he was asking what we were doing there! But he was obviously really pleased.”

The couple met through the sport.

“Sam is a huge ice hockey fan and also used to play roller hockey.

“My friend’s boyfriend played with him and that’s how we met. That was about 12 years ago. We were friends at first then got together about seven years ago.”

Not only were Sam and Tabitha dropping the puck as fans, she said there was also a personal reason for doing so.

“It was for us but also for Sam’s dad. He was a huge Flyers fan before he passed away at Christmas two years ago.

“We made the decision that we would carry on going to the matches in his memory so getting to drop the puck and get the pictures taken was a nice way of paying tribute to him.”

Tabitha said the Flyers were “brilliant” in accommodating the couple, who were married at the Baptist Church in Cupar before holding a reception in Dunfermline.

“It was a great day and the weather was beautiful,” she said.

“And the Flyers were a huge help. I basically just emailed them to ask and they said it was fine.”