Pupils act to stop dirty dogs in Markinch

John Dixon Park, Markinch
John Dixon Park, Markinch

Youngsters in Markinch are calling on dog owners to clean up after their pets following an increase in the problem of fouling in the town’s park.

Sandra Forbes, head teacher at Markinch Primary School, said the problem was a “constant issue” and that irresponsible owners had left John Dixon Park in a “dreadful state” in recent months - despite there being ample facilities, including dog bins.

Now pupils have decided to tackle the issue.

They have designed three new warning posters that will be displayed in the park later this month.

“Pupils have a voice within the school and they felt particularly strongly about this as we use the park facilities on a daily basis,” explained the head teacher.

Every youngster receives at least two hours per week of physical education and with the school not having its own playing fields the park is their only option.

Councillor John Beare said the problem was “socially unacceptable” and called upon those responsible to think about the pupils unable to use the park.

He said: “It’s a minority of dog owners which is acting in this way but it only takes a couple to not clear up after pets that ruin the enjoyment of the park for many others.’’