Pupils given say on how Leven Promenade should look in future

The youngsters have been asked to comment on the concepts for the Prom
The youngsters have been asked to comment on the concepts for the Prom

Young people at Buckhaven High School are being given the chance to voice their opinions on how the Promenade should change.

Plans for the prom were first discussed during a town planning event, and Willie Miller Urban Planning, a design company commissioned by Fife Council, drew up plans which highlighted the need to market the prom as an ‘event desitnation’.

Their proposals, which were estimated at around £7 million, involved creating an enhanced park area, building on the existing skatepark to create more teen facilities, and better utilisation of the seafront for markets, festivals, civic events.

The plans were revealed nearly two years ago, in July 2014, following the consulation in 2012.

A full public consultation process on what people would like to see on their promenade and how they would change certain aspects of the landscape is expected to take place later this summer.

But before then, georgraphy teacher Claire Munro is working with her pupils to come up with some ideas of their own.

Youngsters from Buckhaven and Kirkland, part of the combined parent council have been given a list of the concepts, which they will discuss with their classmates and report on.

“This is a very valuable project,” said Claire. “It’s their future, their town; they’re the ones who will be using it. It also gives them the chance to see what goes on in the planning process and an opportunity to give their opinion on it.”