Pupils to save cash and help community

Another group of young people have been telling the Gazette what gaining funding from the Over to Youth initiative means to their school and wider community, reports KEVIN QUINN.

The pupil council at Glenrothes High School was given £5,000 from the council-funded youth scheme to create a large vegetable garden on the school grounds to grow vegetables to use in Home Economics, sell to raise school fund or use in foods to give to local elderly people.

Prefect and leader of the pupil council, Lindsay Young, (17), revealed more about their plans.

She said: “It was kind of a group decision to do a vegetable garden really.

“Firstly we asked people to submit ideas. We were looking for something quite healthy which also involved the community.

“We hope to have carrots, potatoes, onions, parsnips- particularly if we are looking at doing broths.

“There was a lot of people there (at the Over to Youth presentation), so to get up and get across our idea in three or four minutes - it’s a lot to ask. But I think we managed to do it very well.

“We had been meeting every day in the final week before the presentation to go through it again and again.”

Karen Lothian, depute headteacher and head of the pupil council, is delighted to be involved in the ‘Over to Youth’ scheme, organised by the Glenrothes Youth Forum.

She said: “We were to look at how we could create a more positive relationship with the local community. The economic crisis was something we looked at too, how to save money. So this idea ticked so many boxes.

“I’m very proud of the pupils. The presentation team gave up their Sunday jobs and time but they had felt very passionate about our bid.

“The Glenrothes Youth Forum were incredibly hospitable and very supportive to all the groups on the night, even to those unfortunate to not get funds. They were given details about other ways to get funding.

“Over to Youth is a very good way to improve the community. Youth worker JP Easton is going to come in an meet with the pupil council in early January to get this up and running. We are hoping that by this time next year, we will have our first winter crop. We would start our winter warmer, for us that’s the most important thing.”