Pure monkey business


Forgive me for being a sucker for cute, but when you see this adorable young chimp you’ll find this film hard to resist too.

This is the latest heartwarming documentary from Disneynature released for Earth Day.

Last year they chose to release one about African Cats, but this year’s is even more loveable.

Tim Allen - yes the one that voiced Buzz Lightyear in ‘Toy Story’ - narrates the true story of little Oscar, a young chimpanzee born in Tai National Park in Africa.

The baby chimp is full of playful curiosity and zest until a twist of fate occurs.

But in tragic circumstances he loses his mother Isha and ends up orphaned and alone in the rainforest.

He forms a strange friendship with alpha male Freddy, who adopts him and raises young Oscar as his child.

As he grows, the bond between the two deepens.

Wildlife filmmakers Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linton, who worked on the likes of the BBC’s popular programmes ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Frozen Planet’, have directed this latest documentary.

Filmed over four years and brought to viewers in stunning high definition, this real-life adventure story is a landmark snapshop of chimp behaviour in the wild.

As with all such nature documentaries these days, the camera work is incredible and the insight into the world the chimps live in is fantastic.

Although aimed primarily at the young family members this is a cleverly constructed piece of film-making and is one the whole family will find endearring.

Tim Allen’s narration sees the behaviour of Oscar and his fellow chimps characterised in fun, but educational ways.

It helps make our primate relations easy for younger audiences to relate to.

If you, or the family are animal lovers and enjoy a heart-warming tale then ‘Chimpanzee’ is definitely worth a visit to the cinema.