Put brakes on illegal biking

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AN ACTION plan aimed at putting the brakes on illegal motor bike and quad bike users in the north of the town has been welcomed by members of a local cricket club.

The move follows a number of concerns raised by residents as well as Dunnikier Cricket Club.

Each year the club pitches are damaged by motorbikes. They cause serious damage to the playing grounds which is not only inconvenient for the players, but also costly for the club to repair.

A spokesman for the cricket club said: “It has been a big problem for us over the years. I have seen a squad of four or five motorbike users coming across Dunnikier Park and heading towards the golf course.


“They have even driven right across the square when we have been playing! The tyres have cut up the ground and left a mess in front of the club house and we have to repair this and pay for the damage ourselves.”

He said the winter maintenance work on the 13 pitches costs around £800 but this goes up by £30-40 per pitch if the grounds are damaged by motor or quad bikes.

The spokesman continued: “We have phoned the police on numerous occasions but by the time they get here they have gone.

“There are umpteen ways to go in and out Dunnikier Park so it’s hard to catch them.

“The police are trying their best, but I am not sure what the solution is. Maybe if there was a special place for them to go that might help.

“I am not against people doing their sport but please don’t let it interfere with other people’s sports. I am delighted to hear our local community officers have put together an action plan to target this issue.”

Acting police sergeant Mark Anderson revealed that a local man had recently been caught riding a scrambler motorbike in Templehall and that further enquiries had shown the motorbike had been stolen the previous day.


He said the illegal use of motor and quad bikes continues to cause concern for locals.

Sergeant Anderson said the action plan being rolled out in the north of the town involves sending out officers to carry out routine patrols in the main hot spot areas.

He added that officers were also liaising with local communities, Kirkcaldy High School and community wardens to gain intelligence about offenders as part of the plan.

Anyone with information about motorbike or quadbike users in the area is being asked to contact police on 0845 600 5702.