Put closure plan on hold, MP tells Tesco

Tesco Kirkcaldy - announced as closing with 189 jobs at risk. Store closes April 2015
Tesco Kirkcaldy - announced as closing with 189 jobs at risk. Store closes April 2015

Gordon Brown has called on Tesco to put its plans to pull out of Kirkcaldy on hold - and he wants solutions that will keep the supermarket open.

The call comes less than 24 hours after the shock announcement the Hunter Street store was to shut in barely eight weeks, putting 189 jobs at risk.

It is the single biggest retail closure to hit the town centre in decades - and one that will impact far beyond the check-outs.

Mr Brown has already written to Tesco and the Post office - which is housed within the store - to try to find ways of keeping the doors open.

He wants the April closure date scrapped while talks go on, and he has offered to mediate with the landlords, the retail giants and the Scottish Government

Mr Brown says the impact of the planned closure would be ‘‘profound’’ across the town centre.

Tesco is the only supermarket in the heart of Kirkcaldy, and its departure would leave The Postings minus its anchor tenant, while also placing a question mark over the busy Post office which operates within it.

Mr Brown said the Kirkcaldy store was ‘‘vitally important for elderly people and those without transport in the area.’’

And he said a moratorium should be imposed on the closure plans for the first week of April ‘‘given the importance of their service to Fife.’’

He has offered to mediate with the Scottish Government, Fife Council, and the owners of The Postings ‘‘to find a cost effective solution that could keep Tesco in the centre.’’

Mr Brown added:

‘I have already been in contact with both the head of the Post Office and Tescos managing director

‘The Post Office have already promised urgent talks. This is essential given the profound concerns thousands of Kirkcaldy residents now have about the threat to jobs and services and to the High Street.’’