Cumbrae Terrace which the residents want turned into a one way street.
Cumbrae Terrace which the residents want turned into a one way street.

BAD winter weather and the go-ahead for a new mosque in Kirkcaldy have prompted residents of a nearby street to campaign for a one-way system to ease safety fears on their street.

Residents in Cumbrae Terrace have put forward plans to Fife Council to implement a one-way system after a number of near-misses on the busy street.

And now a proposal to build a mosque nearby have been taken forward, they are worried the increased traffic is an accident waiting to happen.

Tony Fimister, a resident of the street for 36 years, first approached local councillors with the idea for making it one way, and told the Press the reasons for the campaign are numerous.

He said: “We have been thinking about campaigning for the street to be changed for a while now - but it was the bad weather last winter that finally made my mind up to push for it.

‘‘The street was reduced to a couple of tracks and if you met a car coming the other way it was impossible to get through.

“There are changes happening to Hendry Road and also the mosque is being built nearby.

‘‘Both are going to increase the volume of traffic passing through.


‘‘Cumbrae Terrace is used as a shortcut to bypass the traffic lights, especially by Council vehicles heading for the Hayfield depot - so the problem is only going to get worse.”

The demolishing of the huts and Islamic Centre, and the re-building of a new centre and mosque by Fife Islamic Society, will mean a higher volume of traffic going through the street, which will have the only access to the new building.

The mosque got the go-ahead from the Scottish Government despite locals and Fife Council refusing the planning application because of traffic concerns.

Residents told the Press the upper part of the Terrace is particularly bad for having to weave in and out of parked cars, with emergency vehicles struggling to get through this part of the street in the past.

Safety first

Local councillor Neil Crooks told the Press he has put the proposal forward to Fife Council’s transportation services for consideration, but said up coming works involving the duelling of Chapel Level meant it had taken time for resources to be found for the idea.

He said: “Since the Government Reporter allowed the appeal after we rejected the mosque proposal, it is even more important to ensure the terrace can be made as safe as possible as locals do anticipate increased traffic there.

“I have suggested the current access should be closed with a new entrance to the mosque and pigeon club being created from the new road network, but these issues have still to be finalised.

‘‘It is a welcome initiative from people who obviously care for their community and we shall see what option meets with most support.”