Queensferry Crossing it is!

An artist's impression of the new bridge over the Firth of Forth
An artist's impression of the new bridge over the Firth of Forth

MEMBERS of the public voted in their thousands and a favourite name for the new Forth bridge is finally revealed - as Queensferry Crossing.

At the official announcement yesterday (Wednesday) First Minister Alex Salmond hailed the ‘bridge to the future’ as the ‘Name the Bridge’ results were made public.

Pipped at the post were the alternative names Caledonia Bridge and St Margaret’s Crossing.

The First Minister said: “The Forth replacement crossing is the country’s biggest and most significant transport infrastructure project for decades and I’m delighted that the naming process has enabled so many thousands of people to get involved and rightly feel a sense of ownership for a bridge that will serve Scotland and its economy for many years to come.

“With some 7,600 unique name suggestions received and more than 35,000 votes cast, it is clear that the new crossing has captured people’s imagination.

“It was Queen Margaret in the 11th Century who introduced a ferry to carry pilgrims across the Forth, giving the communities on either side of the Firth their name.

“The public’s choice of ‘Queensferry Crossing’ reflects the area’s rich history and the continuing link between the two communities on the estuary’s north and south banks.”

As well as employing 1,200 people directly, the £1.6 billion project has provided 160 places for vocational and professional training and, in total, 334 Scottish firms have been awarded subcontracts or supply orders.

The First Minister said: “The Queensferry Crossing is a bridge to the future; when complete in 2016, it will take its place alongside the other iconic bridges over the Forth estuary, while safeguarding a vital connection in the country’s transport network and playing a key role in Scotland’s economic success.”