Question time

KIRKCALDY folk have been praised for their ‘sparky’ spirit after quizzing local politicians at a live BBC Radio Scotland event on Friday.

Dozens gathered at St Bryce Kirk to let their opinions be heard nationally as the BBC rolled into town on Friday for Brian Taylor’s Big Debate.

BBC Scotland’s political editor was at the church as part of the live radio series, which sees local and national issues discussed with a live audience and panel members.

Mr Taylor was joined by Conservative MSP Ted Brocklebank, Labour MSP Richard Simpson, Lib-Dem MSP Jim Tolson and SNP MSP Chris Harvie on the panel, who answered questions from members of the audience.

VAT rise

Kicking off the debate was Elaine Seefeldt, who asked whether the VAT rise would hit the poorest people hardest, and she was followed by Anna Devine from Balwearie High School, who asked if it was right that bankers should receive bonuses given the current financial situation in the UK.

Mr Taylor told the Press he would definitely bring the debate back to Kirkcaldy after a ‘sparky’ debate.

“It was one of the liveliest programmes we have done in the whole series,’’ he said.

‘‘We were absolutely delighted with how the audience participated.

“I had expected it from Kirkcaldy, which is a town that has a real sense of community spirit - they were lively and sparky and up for a debate.

“I thought the panel were placed on the spot and handled it well.”

Among the audience were a number of Balwearie high school pupils, who attended as part of a modern studies class.