Quick trim & verges look tidy!

Pic: FPA
Pic: FPA

A Kirkcaldy firm has shown it is a cut above the rest after stepping in to help a local businessman tidy up grass verges between Kirkcaldy and Cluny.

Henry Sheach Lawnmower Services offered one of its machines to cut the verge which Martin Blankenstein, a Kirkcaldy businessman, had complained to Fife Council about.

Mr Blankenstein highlighted that verges were overgrown with feet high weeds while on the other side of a public footpath they were well maintained by neighbouring business Diageo.

He told the Press: “It took us eight minutes to cut the weeds back and the driver reckoned the whole job could be done in 20 minutes, which the council says can only be done once a year.

“He also pointed out that if the council used the correct flail machine there would be no need to collect cuttings as it shreds cuttings into very small pieces. As the saying goes – if you want a job done, do it yourself!”

Damien Woods, parks service manager, with Fife Council, said: “While it may only have taken a short time to cut this particular stretch of grass, this has to be multiplied to cover the whole of Fife.

‘‘Our responsibility includes cutting road verges and ensuring drivers have unobscured views at road ends. Once the cycle is complete we start all over again.”