Race row lies are a disgrace - Methil take-away slams vile rumours

Chanda Cottage take-away in Methil
Chanda Cottage take-away in Methil

A Methil take-away owner has hit out at a malicious rumour which has spread saying he refused to serve a British soldier.

Zahid Anjum, owner of Chanda Cottage on the town’s Sea Road, said the accusation which started on Facebook is simply not true.

Mr Anjum, originally from Pakistan but who has owned the take-away for 12 years, was made aware of the post, made on August 29, after customers challenged him over it.

“Nothing happened here, someone is just spreading these things,” he said. “We did not refuse to serve anyone.

“We support the local community, the British Army and the police.”

The Mail has since seen Facebook posts singling out another takeaway in the town with the same accusation, adding weight to Mr Anjum’s theory that someone has just been trying to cause mischief.

Local police officers visited Mr Anjum and are understood to have been in contact with one person who posted on Facebook and are satisfied the incident didn’t occur.

A Police Scotland spokesman told the Mail: “Following comments made on social media in relation to a take-away in Methil, local officers carried out inquiries and after the posts were removed, it was established that no further police action was required.”

Despite the allegations being false Mr Anjum says his business has been affected by the rumour and he has received a torrent of abuse online.

He added: “People were told to ‘boycott’ us and other quite bad words.

“It’s been a bit quiet and business has been slow. This has been very upsetting.”