Radernie fundraiser celebrates life with £1000 aim

Linda Lucas celebrates her 60th birthday, and now plans to raise �1000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
Linda Lucas celebrates her 60th birthday, and now plans to raise �1000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Turning 60 this month brought an extra reason for celebration for Linda Lucas – it was an age she thought she might never reach.

Diagnosed with breast cancer 15 years ago, Linda, from Radernie, feared the worst.

But not only has she survived, she has used her experience as a springboard for fundraising for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and help doctors of the future.

So far retired teacher Linda, who used to teach at New Gilston Primary and has also worked as a supply nursery teacher in many other local schools, has raised £500 through donations from family and friends.

However, in honour of her landmark birthday and in recognition of the dedicated breast cancer doctors and nurses across the country, she has pledged to reach £1000 by the end of the year.

She is planning on holding various events throughout the year, including a coffee morning and an Easter raffle.

Linda said: “When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer I didn’t imagine I would make it to 60, and to mark this achievement I hope to raise a significant sum of money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

“It is important to raise awareness and help other women who are battling breast cancer.

“As a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer, I believe it’s crucial we continue to support Breakthrough’s vital research and help save the lives of other women.”

Linda, a member of Leuchars Military Wives’ Choir, is particularly supportive of the vital research which is carried out at the University of Dundee, in conjunction with Ninewells Hospital.

She is also a volunteer patient with medical students at the University of St Andrews, talking to them about her experience of breast cancer.

While the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is improving all the time, Breakthrough Breast Cancer is continually working to stop breast cancer for good.