Raith’s Coca Cola squad reunite for sold-out show

Andy Walker (left) is one ex-Celtic star lined-up for Hall of Fame
Andy Walker (left) is one ex-Celtic star lined-up for Hall of Fame

Rehearsals are about to get underway for this year’s Raith Rovers Hall of Fame, the culmination of a whole year of planning.

Work on the event which will mark 20 years since the famous Coca Cola Cup win over Celtic began almost immediately after last year’s gala night in November.

Ally Gourlay from the organising committee, which also includes Allan Crow, Willie MacGregor and Alastair Cameron, told the Press that the November 10 event is completely sold out and paid tribute to the list of sponsors.

“We have eight sponsors; MacGregor’s Solicitors, Delmor, D & G Autos, John Wilson, Alex Penman, O’Connell’s, Milne and Craig Accountants and ACA Sports and we’re very grateful to them,” he said.

“It’s helped us to bring in two guest speakers, Charlie Nicholas, who played in the Coca-Cola Cup Final, and our main speaker for the evening, Jeff Stelling from Sky Sports, who we just cannot believe we managed to get. Our host Bill Leckie can’t wait to meet him!

“It took less than a day for us to contact them and for them to check their diaries and agree to come. I think they’ll be part of a really great show.”

With some features of the evening already in place, such as referee John Rowbotham an MC Mark Mackenzie from Forth One’s ‘Superscoreboard’, the committee are now working hard to secure the guests.

“We’re making sure that most of the Coca Cola squad as possible are there and we will have representation from the Ramsdens Cup winning squad also,” said Ally.

“We’ve also tried to get as many ex-Celtic players as we can and we’re delighted to announce that Andy Walker who played in the final has confirmed his attendance.

“We respect the fact that it was one of the worst days in their careers but not one of them has had any issues with coming along. It shows that the relationship between the two clubs is strong.”

VIP ticket holders are reminded that their passes will grant them access to the VIP lounge before and after the show, but not at half time, on what Ally promises will be a packed event.

“It’s going to be a busy night with one or two surprises and it’s now starting to come together, but there’s still a lot of work to be done!”