Rallying call for A92 reform

Balfarg junction
Balfarg junction

A rallying call has been made for the people of Glenrothes to back a forthcoming campaign for safety improvements to be made on a notorious stretch of the A92.

Glenrothes Area Futures Group says it will take the level of support experienced during the successful fight to save the out-of-hours emergency service at Glenrothes Hospital in 2013, if they are to stop any more unnecessary deaths on the trunk road.

The call comes after a string of serious accidents on the mile-and-a-half stretch of road, which culminated in the tragic death of nine-year-old Logan Carrie on February 10.

Ron Page, who is one of those spearheading the group’s call for a concerted Glenrothes-wide campaign, said he fears it could take yet more deaths before the government and Transport Scotland take notice.

“The Glenrothes stretch of the A92 is fast becoming one of the most notorious roads in Scotland, with a catalogue of tragic incidents in the last year alone,” said Mr Page.

“I am beginning to wonder if it will take a multiple death or something like a bus crash before the authorities sit up and take it seriously.”

The group, which says is has been given the official backing to any future campaign from Fife Council leader David Ross, is ready to step up its efforts.

Fife Council last week provided the group with a report into the economic benefits for the region based on an improved A92 corridor.

Futures Group members are to meet with Brenda Sinclair Fife Roads Police Inspector later this week, and have written to both the Scottish Government and Transport Scotland seeking urgent talks.

They are also calling on politicians in the town to support the renewed call for change.

Mr Page has urged people not to allow the Cadham youngster’s death to become another statistic adding: “It’s the townsfolk that can bring about the changes that are so desperately needed, we can’t allow it to carry on as it has.”

Council leader gives ‘unequivocal backing’ to A92 improvements

David Ross, leader of Fife Council, has given his “full and unequivocal support” to calls for improvements to the A92.

Speaking to the Gazette Mr Ross said there was a “cast iron case and a real desire from Fife Council, both economically and on safety grounds,” to see improvements for the trunk road.

“We have had a long-term commitment to bringing about that investment into a vital part of the Fife road infrastructure,” added Mr Ross.

“Last week we provided the Futures Group with an economic report which backs up the argument and we remain committed to that 100 per cent.”

He added: “We have already met with former Scottish Transport Minister Keith Brown to present the case for improving the road and we will be meeting his successor Derek MacKay to see if we can bring forward funding that will benefit the region.

“The group’s work is vital to achieving the desired changes and I, as well as Fife Council as an organisation, will be continuing to work with them to achieve the best possible outcome.”