Random drugs test snare contractors

BiFab at the Fife Energy Park in Methil
BiFab at the Fife Energy Park in Methil

Bosses are implementing a major crackdown on drug use after BiFab workers failed – or refused – random drugs tests on site at Fife Energy Park.

Three weeks ago, a significant number of sub-contractors were sacked by the firm and more workers opted to walk off the job at the Methil site rather than submit to tests.

A spokesman from BiFab confirmed the total had been in the “low double figures”, representing a very small percentage of its 2500-strong workforce, and none was on the permanent staff.

He added: “We have found a number of agency personnel with positive results and, as a result of recent findings, we are now carrying out pre-employment tests .

“BiFab is aware of personnel refusing to take the test and terminating their employment.

“We cannot understand why individuals refuse to take the test, but it’s their choice.”

As well as testing every new employee, BiFab also intends to subject its entire workforce to regular random scrutiny.

He added: “BiFab has a strict employment criteria and, due to the type of work at site, we have a strict drugs and alcohol policy.”

Rumours that police were asked to investigate drug dealing on site at Fife Energy Park have been flatly denied by BiFab.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Officers have been alerted to a number of random drugs test failures among the workforce and are working with the management to address the issue.”

The news follows claims by Methil residents in April that BiFab workers were seen smoking cannabis in Swan Court’s car park before starting a shift.

Residents have campaigned for nine months to keep workers’ cars off local streets, despite the creation of a new car park at the energy park in April to meet demand.

A spokesman for the Swan Court residents group said: “We reckon workers are parking in our car park to hide. We’ve had a few residents who have reported them to the police for preparing and taking drugs here.”

He added: “People are still being verbally abused, there are still speeding issues and the noise from 6.00 a.m. onwards is absolutely shocking because they rev their engines deliberately.”

Meanwhile, Methil councillor John O’Brien was angry at being kept in the dark about developments at the Energy Park.

He said: “I’m really shocked to hear about this through the press and that nobody brought the issue to me.

“Why are workers still parking on the brae? Is it because they don’t want their cars being subjected to a search on BiFab grounds?”