Rats drawn to dumped rubbish

Councillor John O'Brien
Councillor John O'Brien

PRIVATE tenants dumping rubbish is causing an increased amount of rats in Lower Methil.

That’s according to Levenmouth councillor John O’Brien, who has told the Mail a number of residents in the area have complained to him after spotting the vermin.

He blamed a “number of private tenants” dumping rubbish “all over the place” for the problem.

He added: “I have been calling in uplifts for wheelie bins and black bags all over the ward for weeks and weeks.

“It’s getting out of hand and costing the tax payer money.”

Cllr O’Brien recently highlighted an issue of rats at Methilhaven Surgery and, at the time, blamed careless local people for throwing away their fast-food wrappers.

He encouraged the entire community to be extra vigilant, a warning that seems to have gone unheeded.

He has since been back down to Lower Methil after calls to Fife House were made by people concerned at those fly-tipping or not recycling.

He added: “I find it astonishing that people are just leaving black bags full of rubbish lying around for vermin to rip open, when there are bins provided by Fife Council.

“I would urge the public to report anyone seen fly tipping or dumping rubbish to the council office.

“It’s unfair on those who look after their rubbish.”