‘Rave’ sighting leads to new search for missing Glenrothes man

A new image of Allan Bryant Jnr
A new image of Allan Bryant Jnr
  • Allan Bryant last seen on November 3, 2013
  • Reported sighting at woodland rave party
  • Specially trained sniffer dog to search site

A specialist dog unit is to search woodland close to Auchtermuchty following rumours that missing Glenrothes man Allan Bryant attended a rave there on the night of his disappearance.

Allan Bryant Snr, the father of the missing 24-year-old - who has not been seen since leaving Styx nightclub in Glenrothes in the early hours of November 3, 2013 - has called on a specialist dog unit to help search an area know locally as Muchty Woods.

It comes after comments left on the family’s Facebook page claiming Allan was at a woodland rave party, the night he was last seen.

An as yet unsubstantiated photograph is also rumoured to exist showing the missing man at the event.

Mr Bryant Snr told the Gazette the possible sighting was “a long shot” but said it was vital that it was investigated.

“There have been rumours of Allan being at the woods for some time and it’s something we have to take seriously,“ he said.

...we won’t let Allan be forgotten. We have to bring him home

Allan Bryant Snr

The family have called on the services of Ian Marshall of K9 Search and Rescue and his specially trained sniffer dog, Barra, to help search the area.

“This situation is tearing me apart and is a living hell for my family but we won’t let Allan be forgotten. We have to bring him home,” said Mr Bryant.

He added that the family had been heartened by a surge in new people interested in their Find Allan Bryant Facebook page with over 3400 new followers in the last week.

“I have put the details of Allan’s disappearance on a great many missing person websites and following the tragic circumstances surrounding the disappearance and subsequent murder of Karen Buckley in Glasgow, we have seen a large number of people learning about his case for the first time, “he explained.

“We have also had an online petition set up by a follower calling on Police Scotland to do more in the search for Allan, which has already received over 3000 signatures, which is astounding,” he added.

Family critical of police handling as search for missing Allan continues

The search for missing Glenrothes man Allan Bryant, who has not been seen since he left Styx nightclub in the west of the town in the early hours of Sunday, November 3, 2013, has become the biggest missing persons enquiry ever undertaken by police in Fife.

But despite tens of thousands of man hours, and extensive searches across the Glenrothes area, police and the family are no nearer tracing the 24-year-old.

The family have been critical of the police for the lack of any breakthrough in the enquiry and claim that officers leading the investigation were not taking seriously a number of leads already suggested to the Bryant family by members of the public.

“It’s a joke that police don’t seem to want to take seriously the things that we are being told by the public,” said Mr Bryant Snr.

“The person responsible for Allan’s disappearance is all within the police files,” he added.

Nobody from Police Scotland was available for comment as the Gazette went to press.